For Fitness Professionals

For Fitness Professionals

Solutions Designed For Health, Wellness, and Body Building Coaches

The Beyond Dieting App along with Bikini Prep Coach and Koshman Fitness Systems offers fitness professionals a complete solution. Now, you can use Tatiana’s proven methods in your coaching business. You’ll have access to Tatiana’s exercise and coaching plans, so your clients can achieve the results they want. You can offer your clients 24-hour access to their nutrition plan, exercise protocol, and you! Plus, we give you access to dietary meal plans designed by registered dietitians to attain a cut physique and safely transition from competitions or reverse dieting. And, you’ll have Tatiana to guide you to make your system is a success!


Cusomizable Experience
  • Meal plan reports
  • Grocery list reports
  • Nutrient analysis reports
  • Calorie tracking reports
  • Exercise log reports
Sleek Admin Interface
  • Food Barcode Scanner
  • Fitbit wearables synchronization
  • Daily inspirational messages to the app
  • Video tutorial training
  • Chat customer support
Integrated Communication
  • Step-by-step Recipes
  • Grocery Lists
  • Custom recipe creator
  • Food log to track calories consumed
  • Exercise log to track calories burned

Some of the Typical Applications




$99.00 Activation fee plus first month billed in advance to get started. Then the following levels apply:

# of Users Pricing
User Profiles
cost per user $4.99
User Profiles
cost per user $3.60
User Profiles
cost per user $2.50
User Profiles
cost per user $1.75
User Profiles
cost per user $1.14

Important Notes: You will start out with the basic up-to 10 profile plan. Your initial sign up includes a one-time $99 activation fee plus your first month of minimum profile billing ​of $49.95 (total sign up fee $148.95)​. As you add more profiles, your monthly payment may increase automatically based on the number of profiles you have added to your account. Example: Once your account reaches 11 or more profiles, but not exceeding 25, you next monthly billing will be $89.95. You may also delete profiles at anytime once they reach more than 30 days old. Your monthly billing may decrease automatically if your number of profiles is less that the previous months billing using the price levels described herein.